Yazoo Gaming Investment Methodology

We’re highly active in mobile space and focused more on the development of hyper, hybrid and casual mobile games. We believe, key talents in the game studios should be the shareholders and dream to develop the next blockbuster game. That’s why, we invest into the teams that we believe and actively help them to develop the best product.

Our publishing arm, Joygame is a S-Class global mobile game publisher. Data is the key to give the right decisions. Investment into a company or a product requires advanced data analytics.

We believe, game publishing is totally a different strength and publishing operations should be focused with separate teams. Both publishers and developers collaborate effectively to give the best decision about the products and decide together on the product road maps.

After more than 10 years of experience in gaming, we believe the best method is to motivate development and publishing teams separately and encourage them to work close and efficiently.

Gaming is a community driven business and we also invest into community driven business and platforms.