about us

We continue our IPO journey with firm steps.

We’re a large team of industry veterans with multiple exits in gaming, media and Fintech verticals. Our team has a past investment experience of more than 200 startups so far and involved 32 successful IPOs.
Yazoo team managed over 10 Billion USD Assets in the last 20 years with a strong track record of financial return.
Besides the financial returns, we value our contribution to the community and impact on the ecosystem.
Through the recent trends and developments, Yazoo has positioned itself as an investment company which is highly active in the content and technologies within the scope of Metaverse.

Yazoo’s primary strategy is to control the majority of the portfolio companies or at least having the management rights.

about us

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Yazoo Gaming Investments Methodology

We’re highly active in mobile space and focused more on the development of hyper...


Yazoo Espor Investment Methodology

Be careful what you believe because that is what you will experience. Your belief system is a mechanism which ...


Yazoo Metaverse Investment Methodology

Differentiate and you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Present your uniqueness and emphasize your ...


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